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Our jams and jellies are 8 oz and sell for $8 each or 2 for $15. New flavors are added monthly.  If you are in the area please contact us directly and we can arrange delivery or directions to the farm to pick up your order.

​The current available flavors are:

Amaretto Peach

Blackberry Basil with Orange Zest

Blackberry-Lime with Sage


Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Lavender Peach with Vanilla Bean

Salted Caramel Apple

Strawberry Chipotle

Strawberry Margarita

Strawberry Maple Balsamic

White Chocolate Blueberry with Orange

nic Produce

Our produce selection changes with the season as nature intended. Spring greens, cabbages, kales and other brassicas as well as spring onions are available through May. Currently, the tomatoes, squashes and zucchini are available, as well as many other delicious vegetables.

Contact us for our latest crops and we will have everuthing ready for you to enjoy. Local delivery is available with a minimum order. 

**We will be selling at the  Eureka Springs Farmers Market hopefully this fall. Please check back or visit us on facebook for updates. We'd love for you to give us a "like" on our farm page too!** 

New to the farm are Tarentaise Cattle. Tarentaise cows are popular in France and known for their high butterfat milk and the famous Gruyere cheese that is made with it.

The first Tarentaise cattle arrived in the United States in 1970 and there are only 3 ranches that raise them on a large scale. We are the only Tarentaise producers in Arkansas and will have our first calves born this fall. 

Tarentaise are a wonderfully versatile, dual purpose cow. They are thrifty, docile and easy to handle, excellent mothers and do not have calving problems; eliminating the need to breed to Low Birth Weight bulls. Tarentaise mature earlier than other breeds and can be bred as soon as 14 months old. The breed is adaptable to rugged terrain, inclement weather and have natural reistance to pink eye, salmonella and respirotory ailments that plague other breeds. The meat is high quality and naturally marbled with delicious flavor.

We will have beef available in November as either whole, half or retail cuts. Our beef is humanely raised and processed at an Animal Welfare Approved  Processor!  Please contact us to reserve your beef as soon possible before it's all gone!.

Have a peek at our photo gallery to see the new cows and some of the other members of the farm family!